Tara has so much experience when it comes to fitting hair systems, she has been asked many questions when people first call up about booking a consultation so we decided to build a section to offer some guidance hopefully reassuring you that any concerns you may have are quite common – we hope it covers most of your concerns but we cover everything at the consultation & more often than not these are carried out when a client is in having one fitted so you get to see what the system is like in real life & meet someone that lives life perfectly normally with a good head of hair!

Do I have too much hair?

The hair density does play a part in deciding who’s suitable for a hair system, but the strength of the hair growth & follicle is what’s important as this is what creates pressure underneath the membrane so the weaker the hair, the less impact it causes 

How low can I have the system placed so I have a low hair line?

The placement is very important & often the biggest concern, there’s a lot to understand in this section, if you look in a mirror & lift up your eye brows you will see your frown lines & muscle movement which identifies your face from your scalp. I’m often asked if someone can have the system lower than what is the correct placement and I often go to great lengths explaining what looks the best 

What do I need to do at home?

You will go through a period of adjusting to life with a system which will include checking for lifts on the front hairline daily initially but as you become accustomed to wearing the system you will relax about this and know by feel if there’s a problem, we pass on so much advice during a consultation and again at the fitting you’ll leave understanding everything that is relevant to your lifestyle

How long will it last?

This depends on your body chemistry and lifestyle, something that is individual to every person on the planet!  The bond reacts differently with everyone due to us all having a unique body chemistry and living different lives… but yes you can still go to the gym, ride your bike, swim, enjoy a stag weekend away and holiday abroad. You just need to recognise the impact everyday life has on your body, if you sweat a lot the bond requires a bit of extra maintenance as it would if you were on holiday but it won’t stop you from doing anything, you only need to adapt a few things 

I have a wedding coming up, a holiday coming up can I have it done before?

I’d really recommend avoiding a transformation before a big event as you will still be adjusting to seeing yourself with your new image and bumping into people you’ve not seen for a while and on such a big scale could make you feel a bit uneasy or having a holiday and not knowing how to manage the system with the bond could ruin your holiday 

What shall I say about having it done?

Everyone has a different opinion on this, some are open which clearly makes life easier! Some prefer to not tell anyone so it all depends on what you’re comfortable with 

Growing a beard, wearing glasses can change your appearance slightly so doing this before you have a hair system fitted then shaving off a beard or switching to contact lenses will add a distraction from your hair so people will see a change but not identify what’s changed so easily 

Preferably your first system should be over a weekend or if you have some time off work if you’re concerned about what people will think, allowing yourself time to get used to the system first 

Can I have it cut really short?

No!!!!! The systems are created in such a way that having it cut short means the hair just stands up & is very hard to control – a nightmare if you’ve not had hair to style for a few years.

The system sits flatter the longer it is, of course you can come back & have it cut once the system settles down & you learn what you like to do with your hair, this is the start of becoming a team & us understanding what you like from a hair style but it will be a shock having a full head of hair – quite often people looking into hair replacement don’t consider what they will look like with a full head of hair! So be prepared… but be reassured that as you become an expert on styling your hair we will help you learn how to look after your hair & style it, plus over time take it a bit shorter as you learn how to manage the system  

Tara & her team can’t emphasise enough how beneficial a consultation is, in the relaxing salon environment you will feel reassured about any worries you may have 

… Apart from being a warm, approachable person she is clearly passionate about wanting to help people like myself who suffer from permanent hair loss… I would not hesitate to recommend her. Thank you, Tara.

- Pat Hewett

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